Fashion means more than clothing in the sense of an ”outer covering” for the body, it also contributes to the shaping of cultural and individual identities. Both as a personal statement that expresses belonging as well as opposition fashion influences the multi-facetted images that exist, and constantly creates new social codes as well as national and personal identities.

Fashion is an integral part of our cultural history and particularly influential in Europe. As one of the most vigorous forms of cultural media it takes up numerous aspects of everyday life and lends form and colour to the variety of Europe.

createurope: THE FASHION ACADEMY AWARD aims to demonstrate the vitality of the European fashion scene by way of a competition that invites young fashion designers at the beginning of their careers from all over Europe. It intends to help them get their feet off the ground, start their own business and unite them with other young colleagues from European countries in the form of intercultural dialogue. At the same time, the competition links the many European educational facilities in the fashion world and hereby fosters the exchange of faculty and students.

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