Uanmee focuses on a category that has been overlooked and taken for granted for years, bed linen. Uanmee wants to breathe life into home textiles and make bed linen a fun and desirable product. Uanmee offers a choice of contemporary designs inspired by the current movements in art and fashion.

The first collection consists of three sets of printed pillow cases and duvet covers. The available sizes are pillow case 80 x 80 cm with duvet cover 135 x 200 cm or duvet cover 160 x 220 cm.


Uanmee follows a local sourcing and production strategy with all products being designed, printed and sewn in Germany. All fabrics are high quality 100% satin cotton certified by Oeko-Tex 100 standard.

Uanmee was founded in 2015 by Denis Hohmann, a graphic designer with a background in sportswear and fashion. Having lived in Barcelona and travelled half the globe, Denis set up Uanmee in Nürnberg, Germany to be a brand that is at home anywhere